A MOSAIC Strict module for interpersonal influence
An engineering module for MOSAIC Strict
A character system module for MOSAIC strict
A MOSAIC Strict module for strict social class hierarchies
A tabletop strategy game played as a prelude to an RPG campaign
Satirical survival horror in a struggling retail store. A GM-less tabletop RPG for 3 or 4 players.
A creative activity. It's not a game, but it's an activity about tabletop RPGs.
A tabletop RPG about software development and the power of positive thinking
A proto-comic drawing game for three or more players
A Three-Forged Gam Jam Project
A game about superheroes with powers tied to the oaths they swear.
A short tabletop RPG about a weapon, and the people whose lives it affects.
Exploring the science of human nature in the London of Dr. Henry Jekyll