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They say that to a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. To a man with a knife, does every problem look like it should be cut? To a woman with a gun, does every problem look like it can be shot?

Rusty from Disuse is a three-player tabletop roleplaying game with rotating roles. You'll need these rules, a deck of playing cards, and some tokens to play. When you play you'll experience a set of stories that are linked by the common thread of a particular weapon that is passed on over time, going to different people and affecting their lives. It could be the tale about the various wielders of a magic sword in a fantasy world. Or it could start as the story of a Civil War soldier with their sidearm, which is taken out west by his widow as she tries to start a new life on the frontier, and pawned by the widow's grandchild when they fall on hard times, which is later bought by a history buff who is feeling besieged by real estate developers trying to force him out of his home.

In some rounds you'll roleplay the protagonist of the story, the person that has possession of the weapon. Sometimes you'll play the world around them, describing what they see and hear and playing the adversity that makes their life difficult. And sometimes you'll play the weapon: making sure that it's present and weighty in the mind of the wielder, reminding them of just how effective it would be to use the weapon to solve their problems.

 This is technically an early access release. The game is fully playable, but if issues crop up or I think of better ways to explain the rules it may be updated in the future.


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